Compassionate Parenting

Seeking members for Interfaith play group

I grew up in between two worlds, Islam and Catholicism. I see nothing but beauty in both faiths, and after discovering the Interfaith student organization while I attended university I realized the beauty of faith itself. Society has been gravely impacted by ignorance especially in these recent days. Interfaith groups are here to dissolve that ignorance and misplaced fear.

We can never achieve peace unless we understand and know one another. Peace is not about everyone being the same, because we are not, we are all different. Even identical twins are different than each other. Differences are not something bad or evil, they are what make us beautiful. Peace comes about by learning why we are different, the difficulties and simplicities that arise from these differences and figuring out how to apply these teachings to our lives.

I’m looking for mothers in the DFW area who are willing to learn and teach for the sake of our children, so they can grow up more knowledgeable than we are, and more understanding. This group may recieve funding from IFYC and depending on how much we are alotted we might be able to do some really fun activities!

Please contact me by March 29th if you are interested in participating so we can get this group funded!

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