We have launched!

Compassion, a word usually associated with love, and what better day to launch our compassionate parenting site than Valentine’s day!

Our world seems like it’s in need of compassion, what better way to send it out than through our children. The hardest days are days that they most likely need our love most. Whether it’s throwing a tantrum or hitting their siblings, it’s difficult enough to deal with these issues, and then on top of that try to settle them compassionately!

Sometimes they just need a hug, other times perhaps an activity.

In honor of today here is a special

heART project activity!

Recommended ages 2+

This activity can:

Improve your child’s fine motor skills

Help distinguish color and contrast

And most of all help your child have some fun!

You’ll need:

  • Non toxic acrylic paints (your choice of color)
  • Small canvas
  • Stickers (heart stickers for Valentine’s day)
  • Sponge brush
  • Plastic paint pallet (I used an old plastic mushroom container
  • Old newspaper

As an artist and a mother I need time for creating, yes I created two beautiful little boys, but I need to consciously create.

With this heART project I let my son go wild (after stripping him down to the diaper and putting him in his booster chair and laying newspaper underneath) with painting! While I created a painting of my own!


After laying down the old newspaper and prepping him for painting I first let him paint a base coat.

I recommend something bright and vibrant because the following coats will most likely end up being a dark tertiary color…kids love mixing!

Let the base coat dry…this might take a while! It can be a two day project if you wish or if you want to provide your child with some scrap paper to paint on while they wait you are more than welcome.

Then after the paint has dried place your stickers on the base coat make sure they are stuck down firmly. Here comes paint layer fun! The stickers I used were from dollar tree, with a lace look. The design helped create more contrast and showed how deep the layers went.

Allow your child to paint over the stickers, the more layers the greater contrast!

While they go wild with paint allow yourself your own creative time. I’ll show you what I made at the bottom of this page.

When they feel they are all painted out allow the canvas to dry and pop your kid in the shower while you wait they are probably full of paint by now! Remember it’s ok to get dirty!

Now for the sticker reveal!

Once the painting is fully dried help your child find where the stickers were and slowly help peel them off.

Wow! It’s that vibrant base coat, this will be especially popular with toddlers. Ask if they remember the color of the base coat.

Yay you made it together! A lovely heART project.

While he painted his canvas I painted mine. A gift for a friend who just had a baby, her baby’s name in Arabic. I’m now taking commissions for baby name paintings, message me for inqiries.