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What to do with those Aging Valentine’s day flowers

Ah those over priced but beautiful flowers are starting to look a little droopy now. Should you just trash them when they die or is there a way to prolong their stay?

I still have my wedding flowers from three years ago and they look like this:

And these beauties are from my anniversary several months ago:

I didn’t use any chemicals to keep them this way I simply let them dry out naturally.

How to naturally dry flowers

Today is day three of your flowers in a vase if you received them on Valentine’s day. You can enjoy them for this remaining day in water before they start drooping too much for the drying process.

  • Remove the flowers from the vase and trim them to your liking, this will be more difficult to do when they are dry because they become very fragile
  • Lay them down on the table if you want your flowers to dry while they are still upright and let them sit for a couple of days. If you have kids put them somewhere where they can’t reach…i ended up with a trail of flowers in my dining room once

– If you want dried drooping flowers, dry the stems with a paper towel and place them in a large dry vase, it’s possible if the stems are not dried properly for them to grow mold so be sure to dry them thoroughly and let them stand in the vase for a couple days.

– For shadow box display

Cut the stems to your liking but be sure the flowers will fit in your box placing dried flowers in a box they don’t fit in can cause them to fall apart. This all depends on the shadow box you buy, you can try to measure how much to cut while the flowers are still moist and do a trial and error. After you have achieved your measurements a d placement plan, allow your flowers to sit in a dry area

After a couple of days the flowers should be dried completely, if you place them in a shadow box like I did, but be sure they are completely dry. My first time I was a bit anxious and added them while they still had traces of water and have another shadow box full of moldy flowers also from my wedding day. My husband convinced me to keep them. The longer you allow them to dry the less chance they have of growing mold.

Another way to keep flowers is to immerse them in resin. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks like a lot of fun, I’ll add a picture when I try it!